Hot Tub Costs, Answers You Can Use

When it comes to hot tub costs, we won’t shy away from the answers.

In fact, Cherry Valley Spas encourages you to ask as many questions as possible. You should also decide on a budget, one that reflects the hot-tub itself and average monthly energy costs, which are discussed below.

Like laptops and cars
Pricing hot tubs isn’t much different then that of laptops or cars. The cost depends on the model and its features. No matter which one you’re considering, today’s models have amazing qualities, styles and technologies.

Cherry Valley Spas offers about 20 models, from 3- to 10-seat capacities to swim spas that provide outdoor swimming all year long. Our product lines are designed for years of relaxation, family fun, hydrotherapy or staying fit.

Hot tub prices
That covers some background. But we realize you want direct answers. When you look at the hot tubs and swim spas across our product lines, the prices can range from $3,999 to $20,000, depending on your preferences and needs. Our popular 400 series can go from $6,095 to $8,995.

Again, it depends on the features, and our models offer a generous amount. The lowest-end model lists nearly 20 features, including 18 stainless-steel jets, high-efficient insulation and LED lighting. Move up the scale, and you’ll see specialized therapy zones, Wi-Fi connectivity or love seats, depending on the model.

So, in our industry, features create a splash.

Hot tub 101
As you research hot tubs and swim spas, it’s best to start with the basics, especially when you consider all the features from which to choose. The checklist below can steer the process. It may also spur additional questions you may not have considered at first.

Keep in mind, we provide on-site consultations. These free visits can clear up just about anything, from proper hot-tub location to electrical matters. Plus, you get to know us better. Features and prices matter. But so does purchasing from someone you know and trust.

1.  Ask about ‘structural features’ – These refer to the hot tub’s dimensions, shape, depth, weight or seating capacity. Keep these in mind as you consider the location of your hot tub (such as deck versus patio), the size of your household and future preferences.

2.  Then consider the ‘utility features’ – We use the term “utility features” to describe things like cabinetry, jets in the propulsion system or mood lighting. Foot domes, smart-touch controls or love seats may be listed, depending on the model. These can personalize your spa experience. So ask about the “wow factors” in addition to things like size and seating capacity.

3.  Don’t forget optional features – These refer to cleaning and sanitation systems, exercise kits, pedestal lights or Bluetooth music systems, depending on the model. These options can complete your spa experience.

4.  Installation costs -- Standard installations, or Driveway Drop Offs, are included in the model’s cost. More extensive installations, such as those involving stairs to reach a deck or require a crane, cost $500.

Monthly energy costs
Of course, the monthly electricity costs depend on how often the model runs, water temperature and your utility’s electricity rates. But we can offer an average of $22 to $25, based on our experience.

Regarding electrical installations, keep these points in mind:

· Hot tubs that draw 240v must be connected to a dedicated power supply.

· Be sure to collect bids from qualified electricians.

· A GFCI breaker (ground fault circuit interrupter), which is used for emergency shut downs, is required to be located no more than 5 feet from the hot tub's edge.

Contact us
This article is about becoming comfortable with the shopping process. Contact us, visit our showroom or request a free on-site consultation. We can dive deeper into any detail, prices included.

We’re here to help you settle into the right spa – at a cost that’s just as comfortable.

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