Smokin Brothers Pellet Grills


Cherry Valley Spas has some hot and delicious news to share: We now offer American-made Smokin Brothers pellet BBQ grills, a full product line that "ups your game" for grilling, barbequing or smoking.
In a way, Smokin Brothers products are like America herself. Heavy duty and ready for action, they know what it takes to be the best. Using high-efficiency pellets for fuel, these grills boast beautiful and durable designs.
 We’re proud to offer Smokin Brothers' Traditional Grills, Premier Grills, Barn-B-Que (beautiful, fun designs that resemble vintage red barns) and Commercial Grills. We also offer Smokin brothers heat waves to allow premier models to reach 600 degrees without affecting the no-flare-up feature, longevity or functionality.

‘Flavored with features’
Premier Grills feature a double steel wall with fiber-board insultation to help the grill heat up quicker, smoke more and use fewer pellets. Welded frames make them tough and multidirectional castors enable easy movement while featuring top-lock breaks. But no matter which product line from which you shop, each model is flavored with great features.
These items are standard on all models:

Center smoke exhaust for more even cooking

• Heavy gauge lid for durability and heat retention

• Second shelf to maximize cooking surfaces

• Heavy-duty multi-sectional porcelain grids for searing and easy cleaning

• “Sauce Tabs” for the top shelf to allow the grid to be pulled forward for saucing and easy food turning

• Second, optional upper grid for more cooking surface

• Multidirectional castors for easy movement

• Sloped hoppers for maximum pellet feeding

Programmable controllers
Available depending on model selected, the Smokin Brothers controller enables you to set programmable times and temperatures to automate smoke, cook and hold. Additional features or capabilities include:

• Tuned for minimal temperature fluctuations and long consistent smoking

• Integrated meat probe provides temperature of meat to switch modes or use a timer before the third stage holding program

• Provides the versatility to smoke at low heat or grill at high temperatures

• Enclosed in a protective case and covered by a three-year warranty

Contact us or visit our showroom. See why Smokin Brothers’ offers the “sizzle and the steak” when it comes to quality, high performing grills.