Winter maintenance advice for hot-tub owners

When cold weather arrives, some hot-tub owners elect to drain their spas and have them winterized. Others decide to keep them running. After all, they love relaxing in luxurious warmth under a starry night or as snow falls around them.

It’s as if their cares melt away.

At Cherry Valley Spas, we care about you, our customers. In fact, we care about your needs long after you make the purchase. That’s why today’s blog offers guidance for both scenarios.

Tips for running your hot tub during winter

·  Make sure your pump and heater are in good working order. If you’re unsure, contact us for a quick check to ensure both are running at tip-top shape. This is designed to protect your model from freezing.

·  If temperatures are expected to drop below freezing for extended periods, operate the spa heater at the maximum temperature of 104 degrees.  If you have a power outage, this will help keep the spa water from freezing.

·  Keep in mind today’s spas from Cherry Valley are made with a thermal-barrier technology that recycles heat energy for more energy efficiency.

Advice for winterizing your spa
If you’ve never winterized your spa or are hesitant about the procedure, the best way to begin is by checking your owner’s manual. Look in the Table of Contents for the two sections entitled “Draining Your Spa” and “Winterizing.”

Remember, your manufacturer is devoted to creating the world’s quality hot tub. It only makes sense to start with their instructions. Keep in mind, careless or improper winterization may cause inadvertent damage. You don’t have to go it alone. Cherry Valley is ready to answer any question – from winterizing to winter operation. Contact us or call 502-228-SPAS.

We’re here to make your cares melt away too.

Winterizing instructions
To get you familiar with the steps right now, we’ve included the winterizing instructions provided by the owner’s manual.

·  Turn off all electrical power to the spa.

·  Drain the spa and hoses following the “Draining your Spa” directions. Open all unions and remove drain plugs from the bottom of the pumps. If you cannot draw off all water (especially from the hoses), add recreation-vehicle antifreeze to the remaining water through the bottom of the skimmer and jets.

·  Before refilling your spa, drain all the antifreeze from the spa and hoses using the instructions for draining your spa. Carefully monitor until all antifreeze residue has dissipated.

·  The filter should be drained and the cartridge removed and cleaned.

·  Make sure there is no water in the heater-element chamber.

·  Clean your spa following the directions in your owner’s manual.

·  Cover your spa with a water-shedding, impenetrable cover.

Source: American Whirlpool Owner’s Manual